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History of Biltong & Beef Jerky
              Origin of Biltong                                                                                                  Origin of Beef Jerky
Biltong is essentially dried or dehydrated meat. The biltong meat could be beef, game, ostrich - all sorts of meat can be 'cured' to become biltong or jerky to purchase online.

Dutch settlers brought recipes for drying meat to south Africa in the 17th century as a way to preserve food.  In those days, it could take hunters a few days to hunt an animal and then the animal was large and had to be cooked and eaten immediately - unless it was dried, then it could last for a long time.

Due to the fact that refrigeration was not invented yet, novel ways of preserving food were continually being thought of to ensure there was always that good nutritional food.

The original method of making biltong was to coat it with vinegar, rub salt and spices into it and hang it outside to dry for a few days. Today, thankfully, this process is done indoors and various methods are used to ensure a flavoursome end product - tasty biltong.

Our biltong is made from quality Australian beef, spiced and cured, resulting in a taste that always leaves you wanting more.

You can purchase biltong online Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, actually from anywhere in Australia.  We make biltong with a traditional or chilli flavours and cut the way you like it.

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The word 'jerky' is derived from the Spanish word 'charqui' or 'quechua' which means to burn meat.  Jerky is cooked or heated at a very low temperature - not quite high enough to actually cook the jerky, but rather just to completely dehydrate it.

Jerky is normally marinated in a spiced and smoky marinade for about 1-2 days before it is dried out.  It often has a sweet, smoky flavour and is widely enjoyed as a snack.

Beef jerky or similar product is enjoyed in many countries, including Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK and even in China, Rome and Ethiopia.  It has different names in the various countries and not all jerky in these countries is made from beef.  In China they use pork, in Rome it was originally made with donkey or horse.  Other products that jerky is made from include ostrich, salmon, turkey, alligator, camel, tuna, springbok and deer.

You can purchase beef jerky online Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, actually from anywhere in Australia.  We make beef jerky in smoky and chilli flavours and large or small slices.

Servicing Brisbane and all of Australia, we make beef great beef jerky that can be enjoyed on all days ending with Y.

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